Saddleworth Beds produce The Dovestones Mattress

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13th May 2015
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6th August 2015
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Saddleworth Beds produce The Dovestones Mattress


The Dovestones Mattress

Fantastic achievement by Saddleworth Beds.  We are now working in conjunction with Burgess Beds. Burgess Beds are a leading British Manufacture of Beds and Mattresses in Lancashire and have maufactured our very own Mattress. This has been a combination of everything we have been asked for over the last five years from couples suffering a bad nights sleep. This could be through disturbances when one of the partners turns over or gets in and out of the bed. The Mattress has been manufactured to a high level of support using the latest pocket springs and natural fibres. The mattress will support both individual sides with weight differences of up to 12 stone and still offer perfect support to both sides. If nothing else, please come and try the Dovestones Mattress within our showrooms, and see if it can help you have a better nights sleep.

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