"We love sleep. It keeps us healthy and makes us happy. It has the power to restore us and make us feel human again.
Sleep is special so we don't think it should come off the shelf - we think it should be tailored to you.
That's why at Harrison, we don't just make beds. We make a great night's sleep."

Bed Tailor - Natural Collection

Bed Tailor - Luxury Collection

Harrison Asscher 17800

Princess 19800

Harrison Radiant 24800

Harrison Solitaire 29800

Bed Tailor - Pillowtop Collection

Spring Technology

Inside Every bed we make, there are several thousand miracles of engineering at work. Precision-made springs-within-springs and high-density pocket springs made with titanium alloy wire. Its the most innovative support technology you'll find anywhere in the world. Technology that makes every night's sleep the best you've ever had.

It is this Knowledge and expertise that has helped us to develop a unique pillowtop mattress that doesn't settle and retains its shape night after night.