Advantages To Turning Your Mattress

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Advantages To Turning Your Mattress

Advantages To Turning Your Mattress

Advantages To Turning Your Mattress

Flipping your mattress could be a thing of the past but why is this? It is no secret that a lot of mattresses on the market are non-turn. Advantages to a turnable mattress by far out weigh the advantages of a non-turn mattress. When lying on a mattress you are causing wear and tear to the fillings that you lay on. The reason for this is that when you lay on a mattress you cause the fillings on top to stretch. Natural fillings find it difficult to return to their original position once you get out of bed. Over time this can be more noticeable where you may see your body impression on top of the mattress. This is called Settlement which happens to all natural mattresses over time. Turning your mattress means that you can allow the top layer to refresh and flatten while you sleep on a newly refreshed side.

Non-Turn Mattresses

Non-turn mattresses seem to fill the showroom floors at Bensons, Dreams and other bed showrooms. Manufacturers like Silentnight, Sealy and Myers have a large selection of non-turn mattresses but not so much turnable. There is no denying that not having to flip a heavy mattress is an advantage. It is a lot easier to rotate a mattress especially if you are unable to flip because of a disability. Non-turn mattresses are needed but why do manufactures have such a large selection compared to turnable mattresses? Firstly it is better for the manufacturer to only put expensive fillings in one side of the mattress. Manufactures are splitting their costs in half by doing this which is a massive incentive. Secondly, how long do you think manufactures want you to keep your mattress? If a mattress wears a lot quicker means that you are replacing your mattress more often. This is excellent news for manufactures.

Ask yourself if you would want your next mattress to last longer than your last. If the answer is yes then we suggest you make sure your next mattress is turnable.

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