Simba Mattress Compared With 3 Other Mattresses

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19th March 2018
Advantages To Turning Your Mattress
Advantages To Turning Your Mattress
25th April 2018
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Simba Mattress Compared With 3 Other Mattresses

Simba Mattress

Simba Mattress Comparison 

While looking at replacing your mattress there is a good chance you would have come across Simba Hybrid Mattress. If on Facebook or on a billboard there is money being spent to let you know about the Simba Hybrid. To ensure you are getting the best for your money we have compared the Simba Mattress with 3 other mattresses.

Simba Mattress (King size price £699)

Lets take a look at the Simba Mattress. Simba Mattress is made up of 5 layers consisting of a mixture of foam and mini pocket springs. At the top of the Simba mattress is a synthetic latex below the synthetic latex is springs and memory foam. Memory foam is an extremely dense polyurethane foam. Memory foams compacted structure means that your body heat helps mould the mattress to your body shape. A well laid body helps to keep your spine straight which is fantastic news for back pain sufferers. Disadvantages to this is memory foam is so dense and is not as breathable as natural fillings. Body heat generated throughout the night can not disperse through the mattress resulting in overheating. Instead of passing through the mattress body heat sits on the surface of the mattress next to your skin. This can leave you feeling hot and sweaty at night which is something to think about when making your purchase.

Harrison Amber Mattress (King size price £649*)

First is Harrison’s Amber Mattress. The Harrison Amber Mattress is made up of flax, wool, cotton, mohair blend and 4,200 Revolution pocket springs. Harrison Amber mattress is a very good contender for the price you get natural fillings with a fair amount pocket springs. A major advantage the Amber mattress has over the Simba mattress is the Seasonal Turn. Harrisons do this by layering the fillings so in Spring/Summer the cottons give you cool nights sleep and in Autumn/Winter the wools keep you warm.  If not having a reminder of when flip day is will prolong the life of the mattress. So remember when the clocks change flip the mattress.

Burgess Binary Standard (King size price £671*)

Burgess Binary Standard is made up of a cotton and polyester blended filling and contains 3000 Binary pocket springs. Burgess Beds has a very good name within the bed trade for manufacturing a high quality product. A 10 year guarantee comes with everything Burgess make.  Guarantee means that Burgess will fix or replace any mattress with a manufactural fault at no cost to you. A manufacturers warranty may mean you need to contribute to the costs for repair or replacement. The amount of how much depends on how long you have had the mattress. A 10 year guarantee shows the level of confidence and quality craftsmanship goes in to every Burgess Mattress.

Somnus Marquis (King size price £1,895*)

Somnus, Marquis is made up of Egyptian cotton, Yorkshire Dales Eco Wool, Herdwick Eco Wool, Horsehair, Mohair and 12,000 pocket springs. Luxury fillings within the Somnus Marquis gives it a superior feel to other mattresses. Somnus Marquis has made appearances in many articles such as 18 best mattresses by Independent and the best pocket sprung mattresses by Expertreviews. If you are looking for a forever bed and wanting to invest a lot in your sleep it is defiantly worth taking a look at the Somnus Marquis mattress.


This article was written by Liam Lawlor 
*Prices are based on Saddleworth Beds prices from the date 23/04/18 and prices may vary 
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