Somnus, Over 175 Years Of Luxurious Comfort.

Somnus was established first of all in 1840 by William Rhodes who in addition was joined by his son Joseph. By 1880 William’s grandsons Harry and Billy joined the Somnus team. Somnus began as a small family business that was on the up and up. In 1905 Somnus moved to Leeds the same home town they are still in today. The business grew as Somnus started to supply the troops in The Boer War. Billy named the first mattress holding the Somnus name because of “Somnus” the Roman god of sleep and dreams. The Somnus mattress made record sales and increased the company’s reputation for quality. Most noteworthy in 1954 Somnus mattresses where specified for Her Majesty’s new royal yacht “Britannia”. Finally In 2007 the first bed collections featuring the unique Sensa Pocket Spring System hit the production lines. Somnus in 2009 buys The Somnus Farm. Somnus most of all used the sheep’s fleeces in their bespoke blends of 100% natural fillings. With every Spring more lambs are born. The Somnus farm gives Somnus a fantastic self-sufficiency to keep the Somnus brand going for many years to come.

Here at Saddleworth Beds we understand the importance of dealing with a family business, furthermore Somnus takes pride in the quality of their products. Below you can find especially relevant details of the Somnus beds on our floor.

Somnus Turnable Range


Somnus Regent Ortho 5500

Somnus Jewel

Somnus Jewel 9000

Somnus Beds

The Somnus Marquis 14,000

Somnus Viscount

Somnus Viscount 18,000

Somnus Non-Turn Tuft Free Range


Somnus Delta Otho 6550


Somnus Alpha 5500

Somnus Bedstead Mattress Range

Somnus Majestic 4000